Who we are

About Provectus Medical

Provectus Medical has a wide range of expertise in the development, production and sale of non-invasive orthopaedics.

Since its inception the company has been working closely with medical technicians with the private and NHS sector as well as industry experts to develop products that improve people’s mobility and quality of life.

The company’s focuses on continuous product develop, high quality products, durability and innovation has been at the forefront of the companies objectives.

As a leading supplier to the NHS the company has developed a reputation in quality combined with innovation. It has achieved this accolade through its mission, vision, values and principles.

The new way to success

    1. Advance

      Provectus is a Latin term which literally means advanced. At Provectus Medical, our advanced knowledge, care and expertise sets us above the rest.

    1. Progress

      Our range of products are designed to help you prevent injury and we constantly add new additions to remain as the leading provider of supports and braces. If you do suffer an injury, the most suitable product for your treatment option can be easily found.

  1. Success

    At Provectus Medical we are committed to providing fast and efficient delivery of your goods wherever you are. Our success is based on your satisfaction.

Provectus Features

    • diamond

      Your favourite look

      People who see everything as fashion can choose from a variety of colours. Make waves with a bold colour and turn a negative into a positive feature. From flexible, hard plastics and breathable material to shapely designs - there is something for everyone to create their favourite look.

    • wrench

      Latest technology available

      Around us everything is constantly changing as technology becomes more advanced and open more doors. Braces and supports are made with the latest expertise in structural design and tested in advanced environments to improve function to make your life better in different ways.

    • users

      Vast range of sizes

      You can find the support or brace you need in bigger sizes from our terrific range of non-invasive orthotics. Our selection of sizes is purposely extensive as we aim to provide for all generations, including children. Discover our selected choice of paediatric and plus size equipment.

    • paypal

      Secure payment options.

      Payment can be made through PayPal – a secure way to pay for your purchases with the latest data encryption and fraud combat strategies. Through our PayPal merchant, you can now pay quickly using your debit or credit card and benefit from an easier and safer online service.