Self Heating Neck Wrap Support

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Self Heating Neck Wrap Support

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· Approximate size 49x9.5cm
· Will fit most people
· Magnetic therapy, supply magnetic to human body
· Keep spinal and waist flexible when playing sports
· Provide protection and support for the neck
· Help for healing and prevention of sporting injuries


This support is suitable for injury, sprain, twist caused by sports or weight, or arthritis caused by long time with computer work! Hypothermia with natural mineral tourmaline as the core, comprising the product formed integrally with the nano-bio-functional materials. In the case of temperature and pressure changes, continuous release of far infrared, negative ions. And the thermo-electric micro-current stimulation effects to the human body. Can effectively improve blood circulation, ease muscle fatigue, activation of cell metabolism, dredge the meridians, to wind and dampness, pain to the cold, and enhance the body's resistance to disease. Products are safe, easy to use, lasting effect.


To use simply apply a small amount of water via a damp cloth or sponge to the middle of the neck support (the side that comes into contact with the skin). After 30 minutes of use the heat will start to be generated by the support.


What Can I Use It For:

  • · Improves the blood circulation
  • · Helps relax muscles and prevents spasms
  • · Increases healing process
  • · Suitable for minor injuries
  • · Sprains, twists caused by sports or arthritis
  • · Provides warming effect and soft massage
  • · Supports cervical vertebra in correct position
  • · Support the neck and head to relieve pain
  • · Comfortable to wear

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